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Act Providing Equal Enjoyment of Public Accommodations

Discrimination in the enjoyment of places of public accommodation is prohibited in Nebraska on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, or sex.  Covered entities generally include any establishment offering goods and services to the general public.  Limited exemptions exist for bona fide private clubs and public accommodations owned or operated by religious organizations.

Unlawful practices generally include actual or attempted refusal, withholding or denial of services, privileges or facilities of public accommodations, and segregation in places of public accommodations.

The law also contains provisions barring retaliation.  Anyone who has opposed any practice made unlawful by the statutes or who has participated in any manner in any proceeding to enforce the statutes is protected.  

There is a filing deadline.  From the date of any alleged harm, the time limit for a Public Accommodations charge is 10 days.  If you believe you have been discriminated against, act quickly. 

Click here for the text of the Act Providing Equal Enjoyment of Public Accommodations.

Click here to download a Word document of the Rules and Regulations for the Act Providing Equal Enjoyment of Public Accommodations

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